The Feminine at Work - Forest Retreat

Wednesday  26 June  2019  5:00 PM    Wednesday  26 June  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 25/04/2019

Recurring event

The Feminine at Work - Forest Retreat
From 26 Jun 2019 to 30 Jun 2019
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Immersed in Nature, we will dive into our own nature to connect to our inner power and to learn how to integrate it into our daily life and work.
The Forest Retreat is in a magical place in the Cevennes Mountains in South West France. The untouched landscape, pure water, clear air and old chestnut trees make it the perfect place to stop and disconnect from the busyness of daily life and technology. It is a space for just being and allowing the elements to be our teachers.
It’s an invitation to let go of the Masculine principle of “driving forward” and “making life happen” for a time and to allow the Feminine to emerge. In a society where the Masculine principle is over emphasised our relationship to the Feminine is often hidden, repressed, ignored or simply unknown. In our experience, this raises challenges in our daily and professional lives and in our relationships to ourselves and to others.
This special environment creates the space, time and energy for women to reflect, explore and enquire into their relationship with their deep nature.
We believe that it’s within a group of women that we can liberate our true inner power and recognize that power in others.
It’s in a circle of women that we create new meaning, rewrite our story and weave a renewed connection with each other and the Earth for the benefit of all.
What are we going to do ?
Our facilitation is based on a deep listening to the needs and rhythm of the Group.
Below is an overview of the main themes of the Retreat that we will adapt according to what emerges in the process:
Understanding and connecting with the cyclical rhythm of our body and the power and wisdom we hold in ourselves.
Daring to fully follow our deep instinct and intuition to unleash our creativity.
Discovering new tools to navigate in the constant changes in our experience of being a woman.
Becoming aware of our limiting beliefs, covering strategies and what we do to hide in response to societal norms
Exploring a woman’s life timeline and her different initiatory moments
Identifying different Feminine expressions of Ying and Yang
Being inspired from stories and myths to better understand our own story and fully inhabit it
How are we going to do it?
During the workshop we will explore different ways of accessing what we know:
Sensory awakening through the contact with nature.
Walks in the Forest to sacred places
Magic meals, how we nourish ourselves with energetic food and the pleasure of tremendous taste
Body work, inspired by different yoga and dance practices.
Group activities: discussions in the circle, self-awareness exercises.
Personal thinking and reflection time.
Journaling and guided writing exercises
Where does it take place?
Nestled in the heart of the Cevennes mountains, there’s a magical place called les Ouches.
The rhythm of this place is still paced by the light of the day and the darkness of the night.
Spring water runs from the mountain very close to our location. The sound of the wind, the warmth of the fire, the flow of the waters and the richness of the earth are a daily, embodied experience.
Accommodation is very basic and beautiful, allowing you to soak deeply into the natural environment. No electricity and no Internet connection reach this wild land offering you an amazing opportunity to detoxify from technology and the urban pace of life

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