MICEFA & CSU - International Faculty Partnership Seminar à l'Université Paris Nanterre

Friday  21 June  2019  9:30 AM    Friday  21 June  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 22/06/2019

The International Faculty Partnership Seminars sponsored by the California State University through the Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP) are designed to provide international experiences for faculty of diverse disciplines from all CSU campuses. The mission of the CSU International Programs or CSU IP, a system-wide unit operating from within the CSU Chancellor's Office in Long Beach, is to develop intercultural communication skills and international understanding among CSU students and faculty. In order to increase opportunities for faculty, CSU IP has launched a series of seminars in collaboration with partners abroad, including a seminar at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana in Summer 2018. Also, planning is already underway for a seminar in Tübingen, Germany in 2020. Seminar themes are broadly based and comparative in nature.

In addition to interacting with colleagues about the conference themes, participants will learn more about CSU IP and the experiences of students who participate. By holding seminars at host universities, CSU IP seeks to better acquaint CSU faculty with the opportunities available to their students.

On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, we remember the special historical relationship between France and America. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors of the Versailles Palace and was ratified in 1920, creating the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. As we prepare to celebrate this symbolic event for our two nations in 2019, we have the pleasure of announcing the 2nd international conference organized conjointly by the MICEFA (Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains) and CSU IP (California State University International Programs). CSU IP has been a pillar of the MICEFA's exchanges for over 30 years and this multi-university event will be the occasion for the members of the MICEFA to reflect and debate on the challenges that the world will face in the future.

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Bâtiment K, Max Weber, SHS
8 Allée de l'Université, Nanterre, Île-de-France, France
Bâtiment K, Max Weber, SHS
8 Allée de l'Université, Nanterre, Île-de-France, France
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