Sunday 5v5 Game - PAID

Sunday 5v5 Game - PAID
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Sun 24 October 2021
Sunday 24 October 2021
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== ABOUT ==

- This is open to everyone how RSVP (mandatory)
- We play casual and are open to any gender, age and physical form, so far our demographics has been mostly man, between 20 and early 30 years old and some haven t exercising/play for a long time (due to covid/confinements restrictions), and most of us are from outside Paris or even France, so pretty friendly and chill
- Sundays we play for 1h30, 2 teams of 6 (max) 5 in with 1 sub, rotating every 5 min.
- All pitches are synthetic/astro turf and have side walls that can be used to rebound (meaning no lines, probably more physical games)

== PLACE ==

LeFive 17 - 26 Rue Hélène et François Missoffe · Paris 17

- All pitches open air and covered by the highway above. They are also all accessible directly from the street/park
- As for the moment there re NO locker rooms (under construction) so you must come semi-equiped already


- The event will be limited to 12 players with waiting list.
- RSVP is mandatory and closes 3 days before (on Thursday 14PM CET)
- Feel free to invite anyone, however RSVP with guests is not enabled, if you want to bring a friend, share this event directly and let them RSVP themselves
- If you wish to cancel, if its before RSVP closing, you can cancel directly here, if after, talk with an organiser first (so we can give your payment link to some else)


- The pitch will only be booked on Thursday after the RSVP closes and if a minimum of 10 players RSVP
- We are subject to pitch availability, its not guarantee that once the RSVP closes a pitch is available since there s only 4 in total and its on a first come, first served basis
- Once we try to make the booking we announce the confirmation or cancelation of the event


- Payments will be made individually through Le Five, using credit/debit card
- Once the pitch is booked, it will be generated N amount of payments links (N being the number of people how RSVP)
- We ask you to make the payment on Thursday or Friday
- If on Saturday you haven t made your payment or you wish to cancel, your link be given to someone on the waiting list

== PRICE ==

- The price will be defined depending on the number of people who RSVP, the total cost of the pitch is 165€, this is then divided equally by everyone, so overall you should expect to pay:

- 16,5€ if 10 players down to 13.75€ if 12


As of today, no Health Pass or test is required to play at LeFive 17
This will be checked with them every week


As said before, Le Five 17 DOES NOT have yet locker rooms, therefor:
- Come already equipped with bottoms (shorts/joggers/tracksuit)
- You can change your shoes once there, you can bring trainers/indoor boots/astro turf boots, NO soft/hard ground boots
- For shirt, Le Five 17 DOES NOT provide vests yet neither do we, so we play on a 2 shirt system, one dark (black or dark colour), one coloured or light (basically any colour), you should bring 1 of each kind, as we decide the teams on spot and each team as a designated colour
- Water

No other accessories are required, things like glasses, hair/wrist/ankle bands, sports watch, etc... bring at your own will/risk


By metro - (~10/12 min walk):
- Line 14 - Saint-Ouen : ~ 750m away
- Line 13 - Porte de Clichy : ~ 950m away OR Porte de Saint-Ouen : ~ 800m away

By train - (~10 min walk):
- Line C - Saint-Ouen : ~ 750m away

By Velib : (~2/3 min walk)
- There s a station being built in the park but still not operational.


- Feel free to ask any questions directly on event comments
- We have a whastapp group that we previous used to organise this games and will be used to talk and discuss event issues/suggestions:

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LE FIVE Paris 17
26 Rue Hélène et François Missoffe, Paris, FR
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26 Rue Hélène et François Missoffe, Paris, FR

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LE FIVE Paris 17
26 Rue Hélène et François Missoffe, Paris, FR
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