Sunday Yoga Workshop: Winter goes, Spring comes; The same in you

Sunday  24 March  2019  10:00 AM    Sunday  24 March  2019 12:30 PM
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Gracefully and slowly the spirit of spring replaces the surrender of the winter in nature around us.
Our 4th Sunday Workshop is a journey through the same transformation within yourself.
A mindfully chosen Yoga sequence would be the path of this journey: Starting with a cold passive Yin Yoga practice, developing to a warmer energizing Vinyasa sequence, with some Pranayama practices and short guided meditations in between. It all together allows you to feel the same rebirth and renewing which happens in nature these days. Spring comes and brings living beings to blossoming and rejuvenating.
This workshop is going to be a joyful yet deep experience with lots of inspirations. that's why untypically to our other sessions this time you can write down and keep your inspirations and ideas for yourself if you keen. For this aim, you become a beautiful card, hand-painted by our artist Yogi Maddy Anne.
- Starting meditation and Pranayama, 5-10 minutes
- Yin Yoga practice, 40-50 minutes
- Middle meditation and Pranayama, 5-10 minutes
- Vinyasa Yoga practice, 40-50 minutes
- End meditation and Pranayama, 5-10 minutes
- Luxus Savasana with an extra treat, 15 minutes
- In the end, there is a healthy vegetarian soup to enjoy in the surrounding of like-minded good vibes Yogis; A great space for laughter, chat and chill.
Next step:
There are just 5 available spots for this workshop. If you keen to be a part of it, reserve your spot as soon as possible.
Book via one of these ways:
- Email:
- Online registration:
- Facebook message
- Whatsapp: +41 76 207 85 36
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- Pranayama breathing is the key to marrying your body and mind together. Breathing is what connects you to the life, what connects the body and the best tool to meditate. The practice of Pranayama brings Prana (life energy) in flow in your body and cultivates the peace of mind.
- Yin Yoga is the feminine side of the Yoga comparing to Yang Yoga (Ex. Vinyasa) which embodies the masculine side of Yoga. In Yin Yoga, we stay longer in a none-painful stage of each pose and observe how the body opens itself and allows us to go deeper. Yin Yoga reaches, beyond the muscles, to our connective tissues like ligaments, joints, and bones, and brings more flexibility and life to them.
- Vinyasa flow is a dynamic Yang style Yoga with the focus on combining each breath with one movement and flowing from one Asana to the other. It makes you warm and brings the blood flowing through your body. It builds muscle strength, endurance, and bone density.
Good to know:
- The theme of the workshop is inspired by Nowruz, the Persian new year. Nowruz literally means the new day and it marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. Nowruz celebrates the exact moment (this year on Wednesday, March 20 at 22:58:27) as the sun crosses the celestial equator and night and day become equal long, each one 12 hours. That's another reason we'll keep the passive and active parts of the Yoga sequence in this workshop equal long. And guess what? The soup which is served at the end of the session is a traditional Persian cuisine.
Further details:
- physical focus of the session: Hips, core, twists
- The challenging grade: There would be some challenging and not very common poses in the Vinyasa sequence. But no worries, there are always different variations and options given so that the session would be overall accessible for every levels and body types.
- Instructor: Tara Knichel
- Price: 55,00 Euro (50,00 € if we already did Yoga together, at least once)

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