Sunyoga basic workshop with Sunyogi Umashankar

Thursday  25 April  2019  5:00 PM    Sunday  28 April  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 29/04/2019

???? The Sunyoga France association presents 4 events in 2019 including this basic sunyoga workshop on 25-26-27-28 April 2019.
???????????????????? Superb opportunity to practice Sunyoga in the presence of Sunyogi Uma Shankar. Most of us want to live in a healthy, sensible, supportive world. Sunyogi offers concrete tools so that each of us can contribute. Sunyoga sun meditation balances the 5 elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Space for good physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and material health. To realize oneself as an individual, developing personal skills and talents for the benefit of all. This is one of the keys offered by the Sunyoga. Welcome to all.
???? The Sunyoga team, Nadine, Olivier, Sébastien, Hélène, Jonathan and many others will be present.
???? It is a privileged place in full nature that we know well to have been in internship in 2018:
A la croisée des chemins, Don Bosco
12 Rue de Lucelle, 68480, Ferrette, Alsace, Great East, France
This takes place in a tri-cultural region between France, Switzerland, and Germany.
???? 3-day program
Public prices for the beginner course: 225 € for 3 days, Accommodation and food included
Bundled price offer for universal peace conference + sunyoga basic workshop
400 € for 7 days:
3 days of Conference
+ 1 day of free whose only night is offered.
3 days of sunyoga basic workshop
Social prices for couples, groups, beneficiaries of social minima (contact us)
???? Imperative arrival at the Ferrette site in Alsace on April 21st at 5pm for the UPC conference, and on April 25th at 5pm for the beginner course that follows. Dinners planned together. The program starts each time early the next morning (6:15).
???? ???? Please note that the 4 event reception procedures always happen a day before. Each event begins with a college dinner on the day of arrival. It is a solution to be able to consider flexibility of arrival while being punctual. The participants are synchronized: all there from the first day and from the first hour.
???????? Phone + Whatsapp:
• Olivier +33606726853
• Nadine +33688238050
• Anne +33665286807
???? Reservations: on this event
???? E-mail:,,
???? International, family, all public events
⚠ Max 50 persons on the site
???? Wishing everyone great
success, peace, prosperity, wisdom, good health, unconditional love, and enlightenment.
???? Pranam and gratitude,
Sunyogi, and the Sunyoga France Olivier team, Nadine, Michael, Anne, Hélène, Sébastien and other organizers Axel, Jonathan

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A la croisée des chemins, Don Bosco
Rue de Lucelle, Ferrette, Grand Est, France
A la croisée des chemins, Don Bosco
Rue de Lucelle, Ferrette, Grand Est, France