Token Economy Training session (21-23 October)

Monday  21 October  2019  9:00 AM    Wednesday  23 October  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 16/05/2019

Chain Accelerator is a blockchain startup accelerator based at STATION F, the biggest startup campus in the world, building an ecosystem with blockchains, universities, corporates, institutionals and investors.

Chain Accademy provide blockchain course and it's also a hub for doctorals, in order to put them in touch with the main world projects.

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The training revolves through an alternation of exercise classes, some in groups to share experiences and expertise. The trainings are of 2 categories "basics" on 3 days and "certifications" on 2 days (option). Certifications are and provided by experts from the core team of the project

A Chain Accademy certification is a guarantee of aptitude and technical efficiency.

/!\ The content of this course is still likely to change


  • Location: French National Library

  • Next session: October 21-23

  • Duration: 2 Days 9am-6pm

  • Language: English French

  • Skill level: Systemic Beginner

  • Students: 25

  • Learning: 9

  • Exercice: 5

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding a common value

  • Design and simulate decentralized economical system

  • Design a decentralized governance


  • LEVEL 1

    • Lesson 1. Learning: fraud coast and cybersecurity value
      50 minutes

    • Lesson 2. Learning: duplication cost and distribution value
      50 minutes

    • Lesson 3. Learning: human governance cost and algorythm value
      50 minutes

    • Lesson 4. Learning: asymmetric interest cost and contribution value
      50 minutes

    • Lesson 5. Learning: fees and reward system in a community
      50 minutes

    • Lesson 6. Learning: secret and transparency in a community
      50 minutes

  • LEVEL 2

    • Lesson 1. Learning: (re)design a value chain
      120 minutes

    • Lesson 2. Learning: evaluate of a token value
      120 minutes

    • Lesson 3. Learning: design a decentralized governance
      180 minutes

  • LEVEL 3

    • Lesson 1. Exercise: How to reduce the governance (group)
      90 minutes

    • Lesson 2. Exercise: How to secure a token live circle (group)
      90 minutes

    • Lesson 3. Exercise: How to engage a community (group)
      90 minutes

    • Lesson 4. Exercise: Open or not a token to a market(group)
      90 minutes

    • Lesson 5. Exercise: Vote for certification, your certification, your value # teasing (group)
      90 minutes

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